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About Ferguson, MO......from your Pastor PDF Print E-mail

About Ferguson, MO . . . from your Pastor

November 4, 2014

Connection Friends & Neighbors,


The Moral Summons, linked below as presented by Metropolitan Congregations United (MCU), accurately conveys my personal convictions toward the recent events, and on-going violence, in our City. As a Church, we began organizing Prayer Walks in South City in June 2014 in response to the sharp increase, and close proximity, of unacceptable acts of violence. More recently, I have been discerning my own involvement in this wider movement and what opportunities and guidance I should offer as Pastor of our diverse congregation and community. Today, I present these starting points:


* The Connection will be listed as a SAFE PLACE opening our doors 6:00pm-9:00pm on the evening of the Grand Jury announcement, whatever day that may be. All who are seeking a safe place to gather for prayer and conversation are welcome here.


* I will serve as a Clergy Peacekeeper/De-Escalator in the Shaw/Tower Grove Neighborhood from 9:00pm-11:00pm the same evening. Subsequent SAFE PLACE and Clergy Peacekeeper/De-Escalation will be scheduled as needed.


If you have been considering your involvement and role in this movement, I invite you to gather at our SAFE PLACE time(s) and to be in prayer for protestors, police, neighbors, and clergy across the region. You will know The Connection is open as a SAFE PLACE when you see a green banner outside and by following our daily updates at www.facebook.com/connectnowstl.

Connecting Life & Faith,

Pastor Tish Green

A Moral Summons - from Metropolitcan Congregations United